Update – December & January

It’s me!

Yes, I’m still alive. At least, I know I am, although I sometimes doesn’t feel that way. The last two months have been… exhausting. I had my final exams in December and January so I decided to focus almost all my time and energy on them. I get my results on friday, so fingers crossed!
I also moved abroad and as of yesterday I live in the UK. I’m doing a research project here to finish my Masters in Plant Biotechnology. After that I’ll be graduating and it’s a bit of a weird feeling actually. Up until now I always knew what my life would approximately look like in a year’s time. Now everything from July onwards is a big black hole. Who knows where I’ll be in six months? It’s very exciting but also a bit terrifying.

Read and Currently Reading



Luckily, the fact that I’m doing a research project and don’t have any courses left to follow or any papers left to write, will give me more time to blog again. I have finished loads of books that I still need to review and those will definitely go up in the weeks to come. Here are all the books I’ve read and will review asap:

  • The Unquiet House – Alison Littlewood
  • The Warring States – Aidan Harte
  • The Silk Map – Chris Willrich
  • Red Rising – Pierce Brown
  • Golden Son – Pierce Brown
  • Blood Will Follow – Snorri Kristjansson
  • Cannonbridge – Jonathan Barnes
  • The King’s Hand – Anna Thayer
  • Clash of Eagles – Alan Smale




I’m currently reading ‘Your Brother’s Blood’ by David Townsey and ‘Native Silver’ by Blake Hausladen who, btw, has an awesome project going on. More information can be found here.




Movies and Series

The latest Fantasy movie I’ve seen was ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ which I thought was entertaining but silly to the point of ridiculousness at times. Bilbo knocking out Orks by throwing stones at them? Legolas defying gravity in a million different ways, the most spectacular (and ridiculous) being him jumping up falling rocks like they were stairs. I got a distinct video-game-feel during that scene and I heard a lot of people chuckling at how silly it all looked. ‘The Hobbit’ (the book, that is) will always be a playful story in my eyes and I think this movie tried too hard to be all serious and dark, trying to top LOTR. It didn’t succeed.



I’ve also started (binge)watching Merlin. I absolutely love it! It doesn’t take itself that serious and has some silly story lines, but it’s all very entertaining and addictive. I was also very impressed by all the actors. Colin Morgan does a stellar job as the clever, funny and kind Merlin, while Bradley James portrays a perfect cocky Prince Arthur who hides a golden heart inside. All the other actors also deserve a shoutout for their remarkable performances. I’m now halfway through season 3 and another episode is already waiting for me after I finish this post!

Posts in December and January

There haven’t been a lot of posts the past few month due to the reasons mentioned above, but here’s what went online on the blog:



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  1. Yay, David Towsey needs more love. I really enjoyed Your Brother’s Blood, and I just finished the sequel. Very special zombie western series that deserves a lot more attention.

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