Spotlight – ‘Windswept’ by Adam Rakunas

Angry Robot has made a two-book deal with a new author, Adam Rakunas! The first book, ‘Windswept’ will be published in september of this year, while the second book will be released in 2016.

About the book

‘Windswept’ stars Padma Mehta, a long-time labor organizer who is on the verge of making the deal of her life when it all falls apart. Now, she has to rely on the neighbourhood scam artist and a handful of stowaways to save her city, her planet, and Occupied Space — all before Happy Hour. With a host of well-crafted characters, ‘Windswept’ is a part detective, part space operetta with snappy dialogue, adventure, and plenty of comedic timing.

About the author

Adam Rakunas


Adam Rakunas has worked a variety of weird jobs. He’s been a virtual world developer, a parking lot attendant, a triathlon race director, a fast food cashier, and an online marketing consultant. Now a stay-at-home dad, Adam splits his non-parenting time between writing, playing the cello, and political rabble-rousing. His stories have appeared in Futurismic and the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. ‘Windswept’ is his first novel.


You can find out more about the author, or just say hi here:

Twitter: @rakdaddy
Facebook: Adam Rakunas Books
Tumbler: rakdaddy


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