Featured Series

Throughout the year I’ll be reading Fantasy or Science Ficion series that have been sitting on my shelf or that have caught my eye. There will be reviews of every book in the series and if possible some other related posts. I also invite anyone who wants to, to read along with me and discuss the books in the comment section of the reviews. The chosen series will be in the spotlight on the blog the whole time I’m reading the books. You can click on the title above to view the past Featured Series and all the related posts.

Release Day (On hold for now)

Once a week there will be a “Release Day” posts, which displays all the newly released and upcoming books for the month. You can read a short description and maybe add one or two to your to-read or to-buy list. By clicking on the title of this paragraph, you can reread all the previous “Release Day” posts, which gives you the opportunity to discover new books that hit shelves in the previous months.

Cover Artist

At the end of every month, one particular Fantasy/SciFi Cover artists gets a spotlight on the blog. Just a brief biography and some marvelous examples of the featured artist’s work should give you an idea of what the Fantasy world has to offer in the Art department. By clicking on the title of this paragraph, you can visit the archive of all the resent Cover Artists that got a spotlight on Draumr Kópa.


Every now and then a particular book or series, upcoming or already released, will catch my eye and will get a “Spotlight” post on the blog. These may vary in theme and presentation, it’s usually a post about a book or series I’m particularly excited about, or one who deserves a bit of attention or a book by an indie author that has contacted me.  By clicking on the title of this paragraph, you can visit the archive of all the “Spotlight” posts that were posted here.


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