Update: I Moved To The Other Side Of The World

That’s right! I have now been living in Australia for a week. It still feels a bit surreal and I can’t figure out yet how I feel about it.


You may have noticed that the last few months no new reviews or other book-related posts have gone up on the blog. Though I’ve still been reading a lot, I felt I needed to focus on my studies and my friends and family a bit more. In October of 2015 I moved to the UK to start my PhD there and since then my life has been a whirlwind of new experiences. I met an amazing group of friends in Nottingham and knowing I would have to leave after a year, I spent almost all my time and energy on enjoying their company. Of course, doing a PhD is not an easy thing either. I am still really excited about my project and I wanted it to go well. Lastly, there was also my family and friends in Belgium that I left behind last year. It was important to me to spend some time with them too, because of the big move I knew was coming.

All that is in the past now. I had to say goodbye to friends and family in both countries and I moved yet again to another one. This time on the other side of the world. I don’t think it has really hit me that I’m living in Australia now. The only thing that makes it real is the sad feeling I get when I Skype with my parents and see the home I grew up in or when I see my friends doing things together and me not being a part of it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it has been amazing being here. When the weather is good (and it hasn’t been for most of the week unfortunately), I went out to explore and Adelaide is truly beautiful. I also have some friends here who have been amazing, showing me around, helping me make sense of everything.

Panorama pictures I took of my friends while we visited Fountain's Abbey in the UK. I love it. It looks like a promotional picture for a band.

Panorama picture I took of my friends while we visited Fountain’s Abbey in the UK. I love it. It looks like a promotional picture for a band.

I will be living here for the next two years and I have a feeling this is the right time to revive the blog. I miss being part of the book community sometimes and I certainly miss talking about the books I’ve read.

So bear with me, I’m currently trying to find a flat and hopefully that will happen in the next few days, so that in a week I’ll be all settled in and can start writing reviews again.


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  1. Good luck – I am sure it will all go well!

  2. Will your email address stay the same?

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