Update: March

Read and Currently Reading

When I received the big tome that is ‘Knight’s Shadow’ by Sebastien de Castell, I couldn’t wait to read it. This month I’ve been working pretty long days, so there wasn’t that much time for reading. Combine that with a 600-page book that I wanted to read at my own leisure and the conclusion is that I haven’t read that many books this month.

I have finished ‘Knight’s Shadow’ which, in my opinion, was just as great as the first book in the Greatcoats saga, ‘Traitor’s Blade’. I’m very curious to see what the third book will bring and where it will lead our band of characters.



I’m currently re-reading ‘Astra’ by Naomi Foyle, so I get a better idea of the world she created again before I start the second book in the series, ‘Rooksong’. I remember ‘Astra’ being a very interesting and thought-provoking book and I’m really happy to revisit it again.



Another book that I’m reading is ‘Grudgebearer’ of which I received the sequel ‘Oathkeeper’ a week or two ago. So far it’s been an really fascinating book that explores an interesting culture of beings living by the oaths they swear. A strongly magical world serves as the background for this story and somehow I had a definite ‘click’ with it. Curious how that will progress throughout the book.

Movies and Series



A few days ago I decided to pick up on a series I’d left some time ago: ‘Once Upon a Time’. I used to love it but lost interest due to the million other series I wanted to follow. Now that I’ve started watching it again, I have to say I’m hooked. I’ve just started season 3 and I have this itch to keep watching ‘just one more episode’ every single moment of the day.

I also couldn’t resist the urge to buy the ‘Mockingjay’ DVD the minute it came out. I’ve watched it again at home this time and it’s still as good as I remember. Part II can’t be released fast enough for me.



Another series I started just last night is ‘The Tomorrow People’. I was very reluctant to start it because it got cancelled after just one season. But it kept popping up on Netflix and because I wanted something new to watch I decided to try it. Though the concept isn’t entirely new, I kinda liked it. I’m quickly becoming a Robbie Amell fan (but with a cousin like Stephen, that isn’t really a surprise) and the storyline has just enough mystery and promise to keep me watching. It’s also quite action-packed, so let’s see what I think about this first season and if it was rightfully cancelled or not.

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  1. I have to read Rook Song as well, hoping to get to it soon. Can’t wait to dive back into Astra’s world.

  2. ‘The Tomorrow People’ was cancelled :/

  3. Astra is one I couldn’t finish. But Knight’s Shadow! That one will be read soon I hopes.

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