Update – February

This month has gone by WAY too fast. It feels like I just arrived in the UK, but in reality this is the 5th week after I moved here. It’s been insane. I hadn’t expected that my campus was so secluded, so getting around and more importantly, getting food is a major struggle. That said, it’s really nice here. The work I’m doing is fun and the people I work with are fantastic. I’ve also read some really good books this month, which always makes me happy.

Read and Currently Reading



In all the chaos of adapting to the new environment and the new workplace, I’ve only finished 2 books this month: ‘Your Brother’s Blood’ by David Towsey and ‘The Mysteries’ by Lisa Tuttle. Both were excellent books.

I’m currently reading way to many books at once, so here is a short overview:

  • ‘Graceling’ by Kristin Cashore
  • ‘Wolfhound Century’ by Peter Higgins
  • ‘Knight’s Shadow’ by Sebastien de Castell





I bought ‘Graceling’ when I was traveling the first weekend I was in the UK and immediately started reading it, because I forgot to take the book I was reading at the moment with me. Though it is a compelling and a fun story, the writing doesn’t seem to click with me, so I’ve put it aside for now.



‘Wolfhound Century’ is a book I’m reading rather slowly. Due to my chronic illness, I wake up a lot at night and I can’t fall asleep again without something reassuring to calm me down. I don’t like harsh light at night, so whenever this happens, I read the e-books on my iPad (with the black background and dimmed as far down as possible). ‘Wolfhound Century’ is the book I’ve been reading during those sleepless moments. I’m halfway through now and though I had a few doubts at first, I’m really getting in to the story now and liking it a lot.



The main book I’m reading devouring now is ‘Knight’s Shadow’. It’s a book I’d eagerly been looking forward to. I hadn’t expected it to be such a massive book! I started it the day before yesterday and it’s tons of fun. I’ve enjoyed every page so far.





Movies and Series

I haven’t been able to see any Fantasy/SciFi movies since I moved, but I’ve been watching plenty of series. I’m now at season 4 of Merlin and still really, really liking it. The dynamic between Bradley James and Colin Morgan is just brilliant.




Next to that I’ve also been enjoying the newest episodes of Arrow and The Flash. I had a bit of a loss of interest when it came to The Flash, but I’ve watched all the episodes I missed so far and I’m now up to speed again. The last few episodes were very good and Arrow, as always, doesn’t disappoint either.





Another series, one that doesn’t really fit in to the whole SFF genre that I usually post about, but one I’d like to mention because it’s JUST THAT GOOD, is ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. Finally a series that can make me gasp in disbelief every single episode and that is so compelling I literally can’t wait for the next Thursday to come fast enough. The season finale last Thursday was fantastic and they kept me guessing until the very end about the identity of the murderer. The last shocking twist almost made me fall off my chair. Now we’ll have to wait 6 months for new episodes. The agony!


Then there’s this:

The first official trailer for Season 3 of Orphan Black! I literally bingewatched this series last year and I’m absolutely stoked that the 3rd season is almost here. They’ve been teasing us with short scenes and clips like the “This Is War” one, but now it’s time for the full blown trailer. The final count down to the 18th of April can now officially begin.

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  1. I am reading Knight’s Shadow as well! So excited about it, though I’m not devouring it as quickly as I thought I would, but I’ve got a ton of real life distractions right now. Why can’t everyone leave me alone with my book! 😛

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