Update: November

I made a new friend in Oxford ^^

I made a new friend in Oxford ^^

The holidays, and with them my final exams, are fast approaching, so let’s have a look at what happened in November! Last month went by way to fast, it feels like time is slipping through my fingers and I have no chance at all to enjoy it. This is my last year at University and they’ve loaded us with tons and tons of work. It’s been hard to keep up with reading and the blog in between all the presentations and reports I have to make.

Nevertheless, there were a few awesome things that made November a great month anyway. I received a lot of books I’m excited about, I got to spend some more time with my friends from high school and I spent a whole weekend in Oxford to play in a quidditch tournament.

Bookwise, I finished 4 books last month, which isn’t a lot, but I’m glad to say I enjoyed all 4 very much. 3 of them I already reviewed, one will be online next week!

As I have an extra copy of the excellent ‘Murder’ by Sarah Pinborough, I’m giving it away! Check out the giveaway here! You still have a few days to enter.


Schermafbeelding 2014-12-07 om 11.17.18

Books received!

I’ve received and bought a lot of great books last month. Most of them are sadly not with me, but at home because I have to move out of my studio soon and my parents don’t want me to clutter it with books any more than it already is.

  • The Maze Runner trilogy – James Dashner (bought)
  • Covenant’s End – Ari Marmell
  • The Mysteries – Lisa Tuttle
  • The Sword of Feimhin – Frank P. Ryan
  • Your Brother’s Blood – David Towsey
  • Your Servants and Your People – David Towsey
  • Frozen Charlotte – Alex Bell (not pictured)
  • The Wide World’s End – James Enge (not pictured)
  • Clash of Eagles – Alan Smale


The Warring States by Aidan Harte

The Warring States – Aidan Harte

Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Red Rising – Pierce Brown

I’m currently reading two books: ‘The Warring States’ by Aidan Harte and ‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown. Both are very good! I’d heard lots and lots of great things about ‘Red Rising’, so even though I just got it I couldn’t wait to read it and started right away.

Next on my list is ‘The Lady’ by K.V. Johansen and ‘The King’s Hand’ by Anna Thayer. I hope this month will be more productive and I’ll be able to read more than 4 books, because I have a lot of them waiting on my shelf that I would love to dive in to.


I also went to the movies last week and saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 1. I loved it! Book adaptations are most of the time cringeworthy at one point or another, but this one was just great. Jennifer Lawrence’s version of ‘The Hanging Tree’ was hauntingly beautiful and the scene they showed during the song was so very powerful. I can’t wait for part 2. Next movie on the list is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!

What do I have in store for you in December? Certainly more reviews, an interview with K.V. Johansen, another giveaway and much more!

December is also the month of the big book fair in Ghent, it’s actually this Thursday and I absolutely can’t wait!



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