Loncon3: Convention Excitement

Hi everyone!

It’s been quiet here for a while, because I’ve been busy with some really exciting stuff. It feels like my surgery earlier this year gave me my life back. I feel healthier, happier and stronger and I’ve been filling my days with all kinds of activities. This also means that I have less time to read and blog, but I’m still here and I’m still going to post reviews and SFF related stuff now and again.

Most of you might know that tomorrow the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, named Loncon3, kicks off in London. I’m attending and I’m super excited about this long weekend of geeky excitement. This will be my second convention, after WFC last year in Brighton and I’m hoping it’ll be just as fun and interesting as then. I’m also doing my first cosplay at the convention, so that’s a bit scary too. But most of all I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with the people I met last year and to meeting new people who share the same interests as I do.

There are some big names coming and some of my favourite authors will be there, so expect me going all fangirl now and then. I’ll be updating my twitter during the convention and I’m planning on writing a few posts about the convention when I get back to make sure you can all relive the 4 days with me again.

I’m currently packing my bags, which is all kinds of frustrating because I want to pack all the things, but obviously I can’t. I’ve settled on 5 books to get signed and just one DW t-shirt (though I wanted to bring more). I’m also packing my sports gear because I read in the programme that there would be quidditch and since I’m missing a training with my team here in Belgium this weekend, it seemed perfect to catch up on at Loncon.

Everything is now ready for a perfect 4 days of SFF fun. If you’re also attending, tweet or comment or come and say hi when you see me wandering around the convention!


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