Why it’s been so quiet this week

Hi everyone!

Some of you might have wondered why I didn’t post anything this week, especially since I still needed to review the last book in the featured series of March. I wanted to let you know that I haven’t been slacking or that I didn’t give up on the blog! You might know that I had surgery two weeks ago. I decided to go back to school last monday because I thought I’d healed enough and because I simply couldn’t miss any more lectures if I want to pass my exams. Turns out I was wrong about the healed part… I was exhausted and in quite some pain for a big part of the week, so I decided to put everything on hold this week and focus on getting through the week, sleeping whenever I could and getting to my classes when I wasn’t sleeping. Luckily we have 2 weeks of Easter holiday starting today, which gives me a chance to rest, to catch up with school and to focus on the blog and my books again.

I do feel bad whenever I just drop out like this, that’s why I wanted to write an explanation and show you all that I am invested in this blog, but sometimes I have to focus on other stuff like my health and school instead of working on the blog.

I hope you’re all ready for another month of awesome books, because after a Science Fiction series in February (Everness by Ian McDonald) and a High Fantasy series in March (King Rolen’s Kin by Rowena Cory Daniells), we’ll now be exploring Steampunk in April. Stay tuned for the announcement of the new featured series!




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  1. I sure do hope you’re feeling better after your surgery, Cindy! Thank you for the spotlight of Souls of Astraeus!

    • It’s getting better every day, thank you! Getting on my bike a week after my surgery wasn’t such a brilliant idea…
      And regarding the spotlight, it’s my pleasure, I like helping out debut authors.

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