Cover Artist: Clint Langley

I bet you’ve already been marveling at the amazing covers of the books that are featured on the blog this month, The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin. I know I absolutely adore them. All the covers were made by artist Clint Langley. Not only that, but he also made the covers for Rowena Cory Daniells other series: The Outcast Chronicles. You can see those amazing covers again here:






Clint Langley, has 17 years specialising in comic/graphic novels, book covers, storyboards and conceptual art for film, computer games and adverting.

Companies he has worked for include:
Sony, Acclaim, Fasa, Hasbro/Lucas arts (Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull) , Games workshop (War hammer), White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast(Magic the gathering) and Blizzard( World of War craft).

Comics he has illustrated include:
Marvel. (Ghost rider, Punisher, Wolverine, Guardians of the galaxy, Wraith and X-men), Rebellion . (Slaine, ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock, Dinosty and Judge Dredd). Radical publishing. (Hercules, City of dust, and Shrapnel).

Clint is currently working with comic legends Pat Mills and media entrepreneur Jeremy Davis in the creation of Repeat Offenders to take his work to the big screen.

Awards: Inquest award. Best artist 2007

I thought it would be great to give you guys a glimpse at some of the other work Clint Langley has made so here I have some examples of other covers he made and some work he’s done for Marvel. If you’re just as swept away by his art as I am, be sure to check out his website and his facebook page!

I love the sometimes darker art he produces and also the immense amount of detail. I can keep looking at some of his images and keep on discovering new things. If we look back at the covers of the Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin: those reflect the wintry landscape perfectly while giving a representation of the characters that pull them into a different light then I’d seen them in the books. It adds to the atmosphere of the books. The covers for The Outcast Chronicles are equally stunning. I love the colours of all three of the covers next to each other. The details are also marvelous here, I could keep looking at them.

Let’s now explore some of his other work:




























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  1. No Warhammer art? I R disappoint 😀

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