2014 Wishlist — Pyr – Jo Fletcher Books

Christmas is getting closer and so is the end of 2013. It’s been a challenging year for me, of which I might tell a bit more when I post my “Best of 2013” list, but let’s just say I hope 2014 will be a lot better. In the spirit of looking towards the future I browsed the catalogs/catalogues (you English people are confusing!) from the different SFF publishers and I will be posting my “2014 WISHLIST” throughout the next 2 weeks. I’m going to post it publisher by publisher, because that’s actually how I did my notes, so that’s kind of convenient for me!

I’m going to start with Pyr and Jo Fletcher Books, two publishers that are strongly represented on my bookshelves. I love both their styles of books and I’ve rarely been disappointed by any books I got from them. So let’s have a look at what caught my eye in their catalogs for 2014.


The Barrow – Mark Smylie (March 4, 2014)

The BarrowAction, horror, politics, and sensuality combine in this DEBUT EPIC FANTASY novel for fans of George R. R. Martin and Michael J. Sullivan, set in the world of the Eisner-nominated Artesia comic books.

To find the Sword, unearth the Barrow. To unearth the Barrow, follow the Map.

When a small crew of scoundrels, would-be heroes, deviants, and ruffians discover a map that they believe will lead them to a fabled sword buried in the barrow of a long-dead wizard, they think they’ve struck it rich. But their hopes are dashed when the map turns out to be cursed and then is destroyed in a magical ritual. The loss of the map leaves them dreaming of what might have been, until they rediscover the map in a most unusual and unexpected place.

Stjepan Black-Heart, suspected murderer and renegade royal cartographer; Erim, a young woman masquerading as a man; Gilgwyr, brothel owner extraordinaire; Leigh, an exiled magus under an ignominious cloud; Godewyn Red-Hand, mercenary and troublemaker; Arduin Orwain, scion of a noble family brought low by scandal; and Arduin’s sister Annwyn, the beautiful cause of that scandal: together they form a cross-section of the Middle Kingdoms of the Known World, brought together by accident and dark design, on a quest that will either get them all in the history books, or get them all killed.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

A colorfull cast of characters going on a treasure hunt for a fabled sword? Sounds right up my alley. It’s a debut novel, so I don’t know anything about the author or about the world this was set in (Artesia comic books), but it sounds as something I would enjoy.

Blood and Iron – Jon Sprunk (March 11, 2014)

Blood and IronThis action-heavy EPIC FANTASY SERIES OPENER is like a sword-and-sorcery Spartacus set in a richly-imagined world.

It starts with a shipwreck following a magical storm at sea. Horace, a soldier from the west, had joined the Great Crusade against the heathens of Akeshia after the deaths of his wife and son from plague. When he washes ashore, he finds himself at the mercy of the very people he was sent to kill, who speak a language and have a culture and customs he doesn’t even begin to understand. Not long after, Horace is pressed into service as a house slave. But this doesn’t last. The Akeshians discover that Horace was a latent sorcerer, and he is catapulted from the chains of a slave to the halls of power in the queen’s court. Together with Jirom, an ex-mercenary and gladiator, and Alyra, a spy in the court, he will seek a path to free himself and the empire’s caste of slaves from a system where every man and woman must pay the price of blood or iron. Before the end, Horace will have paid dearly in both.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

I love Jon Sprunk! Well, I love his books. I read his Shadow Saga this year and can honestly say that those are among the best Fantasy books I’ve ever read. I like his style, I like the way he creates his characters and the way he spins his tale. Needless to say I’m pretty curious about what he will bring us next. I absolutely can’t wait to read the first book of this new series!

The Silk Map – Chris Willrich (May 6, 2014)

The Silk MapIt’s Brent Weeks meets China Mieville in this wildly imaginative fantasy adventure featuring high action, elegant writing, and sword and sorcery with a Chinese flare.

At the end of The Scroll of Years, the poet Persimmon Gaunt and her husband, the thief Imago Bone, had saved their child from evil forces at the price of trapping him within a pocket dimension. Now they will attempt what seems impossible; they will seek a way to recover their son. Allied with Snow Pine, a scrappy bandit who’s also lost her child to the Scroll of Years, Gaunt and Bone awaken the Great Sage, a monkeylike demigod of the East, currently trapped by vaster powers beneath a mountain. The Sage knows of a way to reach the Scroll-but there is a price. The three must seek the world’s greatest treasure and bring it back to him. They must find the worms of the alien Iron Moths, whose cocoons produce the wondrous material ironsilk.

And so the rogues join a grand contest waged along three thousand miles of dangerous and alluring trade routes between East and West. For many parties have simultaneously uncovered fragments of the Silk Map, a document pointing the way toward a nest of the Iron Moths. Our heroes tangle with Western treasure hunters, a blind mystic warrior and his homicidal magic carpet, a nomad princess determined to rebuild her father’s empire, and a secret society obsessed with guarding the lost paradise where the Moths are found-even if paradise must be protected by murder.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

A month ago I read the first book by Chris Willrich in this series: “The Scroll of Years” (review), which I really enjoyed. It was such a fun tale, with a very refreshing story and a whole new way to present dragons to a readership. So, yes, I’d like to read the rest of Gaunt and Bone’s story and hopefully it’ll be just as fun as the first one.

The Leopard – K.V. Johansen (June 10, 2014)

The LeopardAhjvar, the assassin known as the Leopard, wants only to die, to end the curse that binds him to a life of horror. Although he has no reason to trust the goddess Catairanach or her messenger Deyandara, fugitive heir to a murdered tribal queen, desperation leads him to accept her bargain: if he kills the mad prophet known as the Voice of Marakand, Catairanach will free him of his curse. Accompanying him on his mission is the one person he has let close to him in a lifetime of death, a runaway slave named Ghu. Ahj knows Ghu is far from the half-wit others think him, but in Marakand, the great city where the caravan roads of east and west meet, both will need to face the deepest secrets of their souls, if either is to survive the undying enemies who hunt them and find a way through the darkness that damns the Leopard.

To Marakand, too, come a Northron wanderer and her demon verrbjarn lover, carrying the obsidian sword Lakkariss, a weapon forged by the Old Great Gods to bring their justice to the seven devils who escaped the cold hells so long before.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

This seems like a very dark, mysterious book. I also really liked the cover for this one. Curses, goddesses, a new city I can explore, obsidian swords, it all sounds really great.

Jo Fletcher Books

Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders – Charlain Harris & Christopher Golden (January 2, 2014)

Cemetery GirlCharlaine Harris, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and the Harper Connelly Mysteries, and New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden present an original graphic novel illustrated by acclaimed comic book artist Don Kramer—first in a brand-new trilogy.

She calls herself Calexa Rose Dunhill—names taken from the grim surroundings where she awoke, bruised and bloody, with no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who left her for dead.

She has made the cemetery her home, living in a crypt and avoiding human contact. But Calexa can’t hide from the dead—and because she can see spirits, they can’t hide from her.

Then one night, Calexa spies a group of teenagers vandalizing a grave—and watches in horror as they commit murder. As the victim’s spirit rises from her body, it flows into Calexa, overwhelming her mind with visions and memories not her own.

Now Calexa must make a decision: continue to hide to protect herself—or come forward to bring justice to the sad spirit who has reached out to her for help…

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

I cheated a bit with this one. I actually got it from Jo Fletcher Books last week (lots of thanks and hugs!) and I finished it some days ago. I’ve wanted to start in a graphic novel series for a while now, but never knew exactly where to start. With Marvel or DC it’s all bit complicated and there are so many, I honestly don’t know where to start. Plus, they are very expensive and I’m just a student who gave up her job to focus on graduating in 2015, so yeah. But I got this one and I really enjoyed it! It was dark and full of interesting questions, exciting and full of ‘what-should-I-do’ situations. A review of this one will be posted on the blog soon(ish)!

Traitor’s Blade – Sebastien de Castell (February 27, 2014)

Traitor's BladeThe King is dead, the Greatcoats have been disbanded, and Falcio Val Mond and his fellow magistrates Kest and Brasti have been reduced to working as bodyguards for a nobleman who refuses to pay them. Things could be worse, of course. Their employer could be lying dead on the floor while they are forced to watch the killer plant evidence framing them for the murder. Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening…
Now a royal conspiracy is about to unfold in the most corrupt city in the world. A carefully orchestrated series of murders that began with the overthrow of an idealistic young king will end with the death of an orphaned girl and the ruin of everything that Falcio, Kest, and Brasti have fought for. But if the trio want to foil the conspiracy, save the girl, and reunite the Greatcoats, they’ll have to do it with nothing but the tattered coats on their backs and the swords in their hands, because these days every noble is a tyrant, every knight is a thug, and the only thing you can really trust is a traitor’s blade.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

Hm, I’m a big epic/high fantasy fan and this one seems like a classic epic tale. I’m a bit afraid it won’t have anything new to excite me, but with epic/high fantasy I’m always willing to give a book a try. Also, blue is my favorite color and this cover has such a lovely shade of blue ❤

Astra – Naomi Foyle (February 27, 2014)

AstraLike every child in Is-Land, all Astra wants is to have her Security Shot, do her National Service and defend her Gaian homeland from Non-Lander ‘infiltrators’. But when the orphaned Lil arrives to share Astra’s home she forces Astra to question all she has learned. If she is to survive, Astra must deal with devastating truths about Is-Land, Non-Land and the secret web of adult relationships that surrounds her.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

The synopsis for this book sounds so interesting! I’m fascinated. What is behind this Is-Land and Non-Land? Why does Astra have to question it? Definitely want to read this one!

Daughter of The Blood – Anne Bishop (February 27, 2014)

Daughter of the BloodFor years the realm of Terreille has been falling into corruption, as the powerful Queens who rule it have turned to cruelty.
But there is hope – a prophetic vision has revealed the coming of a Queen more powerful than any other. And once the foundations of her power – father, brother, lover – are in place, she will emerge from the darkness, bringing freedom. For she is the living myth, dreams made flesh; not just any witch, but Witch.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

This is a UK version of a book that has been out since 1998 I gathered. It seems to have hit quite a few spots and I’m very interested by the synopsis, so definitely one I’ll keep an eye out for in 2014!

Murder – Sarah Pinborough (April 24, 2014)

MurderDr. Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, is still recovering from the event of the previous year when Jack the Ripper haunted the streets of London – and a more malign enemy hid in his shadow. Bond and the others who worked on the gruesome case are still stalked by its legacies, both psychological and tangible.

But now the bodies of children are being pulled from the Thames… and Bond is about to become inextricably linked with an uncanny, undying enemy.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

Sarah Pinborough. Enough said. Also, I LOVED Mayhem, the first book.

Righteous Fury – Markus Heitz (April 24, 2014)

Righteous FuryThe elves, dwarves and humans all know the älfar to be dark, relentless warriors. This is their time. In Dson Faïmon, the realm of the älfar, the warriors are planning a military campaign. Caphalor and Sinthoras are looking to enlist a powerful demon to strengthen their army – but the two älfar have very different goals.
While Caphalor is determined to defend the borders of their empire and no more, the ambitious Sinthoras is intent on invasion: and he has the kingdoms of dwarves, elves and men firmly in his sights.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

I’ve never read anything by Markus Heitz and I’ve been planning on buying one of his books for ages. His series about the dwarves has been translated to Dutch and I’ve seen it in a few bookshops already. That’s pretty rare, between all the Feist, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson I normally see in bookshops here in Belgium. So why not start with a one of his new books in 2014?

Our Lady of the Streets – Tom Pollock (June 5, 2014)

Our Lady of the StreetsEver since Beth Bradley found her way into a hidden London, the presence of its ruthless goddess, Mater Viae, has lurked in the background. Now Mater Viae has returned, with deadly consequences.Streets are wracked by convulsions as muscles of wire and pipe go into spasm, bunching the city into a crippled new geography; pavements flare to thousand-degree fevers, incinerating pedestrians; and towers fall, their foundations decayed.
As the city sickens, so does Beth – her essence now part of this secret London. But when it is revealed that Mater Viae’s plans for dominion stretch far beyond the borders of the city, Beth must make a choice: flee, or sacrifice her city in order to save it.

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

I adore this series. ‘The City’s Son’ (book I) was good, but ‘The Glass Republic’ (book II) was magnificent. I can’t wait to dive back into Tom Pollock’s London.

Mire House – Alison Littlewood (June 5, 2014)

Mire HouseMire House is dreary, dark, cold and infested with midges. But when Emma Dean inherits it from a distant relation, she immediately feels a sense of belonging. It isn’t long before Charlie Mitchell, grandson of the original owner, appears claiming that he wants to seek out his family. But Charlie seems more interested in the house than his long-lost relations. And when Emma starts seeing ghostly figures, she begins to wonder: is Charlie trying to scare her away, or are there darker secrets lurking in the corners of Mire House?

Why is this book on the Wishlist?

Horror! It’s been too long since I’ve read a good horror book and I plan to change that in 2014. I’ve bought a shitload of Stephen King books at the last bookfair and this one can certainly get on the list too. I’ve always had a weakness for haunted houses, ever since I read ‘The Shining’ in a chalet in the middle of the woods one winter when I was (too) young. ‘Mire house’ seems to have everything I would want in a good horror book, so bring it on!


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  1. Oh good. Because if you do this publisher by publisher you are doing all my work for me, I ll just take notes!

    Already had the first three of your Pyr choices on my list. But for some reason I always forget about Jo Fletcher books. Of that list, The Silk Map is my #1 wish.

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