Spotlight: Dark Rock Chronicles – Marco Guadalupi

About the book:

Dark Rock ChroniclesDark Rock Chronicles is first book of the emerging Italian author Marco Guadalupi. Dark Rock Chronicles is set in an alternative rock-obsessed reality where citizens are subject to the corrupt and authoritarian rule of the Prison for Out-of Line Rockers. Matt and the other members of the DRC band dream of achieving rock stardom and escaping from their lives in the anonymous suburbs. Dark Rock Chronicles sets off at a spanking pace with the narrator Matt reluctantly involved in a botched burglary with the other members of his rock band named DRC. Their plan was to steal musical instruments from the their arch-enemy, the oily and evil Antony, who is thwarting the young rock band attempts to establish themselves on the local music scene. A supernatural element enters the story when our fleeing heroes enter into a reluctant pact with a demon. To fulfil their side of the pact, the DRC have to enter the exciting and deadly Rock Warrior Tournament and ultimately come face to face with the evil Antony.


About the author:

guadalupiAlways fond of the fantastic in all its forms, Marco has worked since 2006 with Fantasy Magazine, an Italian online magazine, of which Marco is currently active editor. Moreover Marco is responsible of the department for writing and communication of the Italian Lunatica, fantasy fair. He has published numerous articles, reviews, short stories, interviews and insights in magazines both online and printing ones. He is also interested in design, music, cinema and video games and has worked as a blogger and social media manager for Fanucci Editore. He is currently attending the Lupiae Comix, Cartoon and Comic school in Lecce. In October 2012 Marco published his first novel, ‘Dark Rock Chronicles,’ with the Italian publisher Plesio. DRC will be published by DieGo Comics Publishing for first time in English in November 2013.



Website | Buy it | Goodreads | Twitter | Read the first chapter


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