Cover Art: Orbit and Tor

Instead of featuring a Cover Artist this month I thought we could have a look at the new cover art revealed in the winter catalogue from Tor and the Spring/Summer collection from Orbit who popped online this month. There are some really great ones in there, a lot of sequels who have a great matching cover with the first books and some new ones with striking covers. I wont be posting all of them, you can check the links if you want to see them all. Here I’ll only show those who have really caught my eye. You know I have a soft spot for covers, so I’m really glad to show you these. Have a look at what pretties will be coming your way this winter and next spring and summer!


A dance of shadows baptism of fire reign of ash the broken eye the fifth season the girl with all gifts the path of power




The tropic of serpents

words of radiance Three three princes the waking engine the severed streets Print the nightmare affair The Gobline Emperor The Emperor's Blade Dragon ace He drank, and saw the spider Mentats of Dune Pillar to the sky reflected A darkling sea


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  1. I think that I am deeply in love with those covers.

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