Shadow’s Master – Shadow Saga #3 – Jon Sprunk

Shadow's MasterRelease date: March 13nd 2012
Publisher: Pyr
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 390
Format: Paperback
Source: Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

A land of death and shadow where only the strongest survive. Yet that is where Caim must go to follow the mystery at the heart of his life. Armed only with his knives and his companions, he plunges into a world of eternal night where the sun is never seen and every hand is turned against him. Caim has buried his father’s sword and found some measure of peace, but deep in the north an unfathomable power lies waiting. To succeed on this mission, Caim will have to do more than just survive. He must face the Shadow’s Master. With this novel, Jon Sprunk brings his action-packed trilogy to an epic conclusion.


‘Shadow’s Master’ is one hell of an ending to this fantastic trilogy. I absolutely loved every page of this book and as a whole the Shadow Saga has deserved a spot on my top shelf.

Why was this such a great ending, you ask? Because I didn’t expect any of what happened. Jon Sprunk managed to surprise me time and time again. Even the very last pages were something I wouldn’t have expected, let’s say, at the end of the second book. Some people might not like some of the choices the author made, but I was so glad to read something fresh, something that doesn’t follow the whole mainstream ‘I have been working towards this particular ending, so that’s what’s going to happen’ approach.
Everything came together perfectly, loose ends were connected and every part of the story got a satisfying explanation.

As always the action scenes were sublime. I can’t get enough of how the author describes every detail of his fighting scenes so vividly. I said this already in my previous reviews about the Shadow Saga books, but damn, I can’t say it enough. If you like amazingly well written fighting scenes, pick this series up, you definitely won’t regret it.

Caim continues his journey North, now accompanied by 3 Eregoth’s that wanted to join his quest. Caim isn’t used to travelling with companions and it shows. It was fantastic to read how Caim grew closer to his travel partners and how much he actually cared. I have to admit I chuckled quite a bit when Dray and Malig started bitching or when they annoyed the hell out of Caim. But as always, he handled these situations … Caim-like.
I have to say Caim is probably one of the only characters I’ve read about this year that has really grabbed me and wriggled his way into my heart. I love his character! That connection I value was certainly still present in this last book in the Shadow Saga. Caim pulled me once again into his story and didn’t let me go ’till I turned the last page.

Josey on the other hand is also travelling North with a part of her army, in search for Caim. Her journey takes a different turn however when she finds her Empire poor and plagued by disputes, her people living in ruins, starving. Knowing Josey as we do by now, she is determined to do something about this and restore peace to her Empire. But a bigger threat is looming in the North, one that is rapidly approaching.
I mentioned that Josey didn’t really succeed in grabbing my attention in the previous book. I have to say I cared a lot more about her in this book, she certainly grew into her Empress statute and displayed a whole lot of strength. I really liked the final battle scenes in her storyline, they are the kind that made me proud of her, which is how I knew I really started caring for her in this book.

Kit also got a shining role in Caim’s story, which I was thrilled about, because I love her character. Feisty, naughty, loyal, loving, she just has so many qualities and such a diverse personality. Jon Sprunk really gave her a great part in this story and I like the way he ‘ended’ her storyline.

What more can I say? I loved it! Every single book, every single page. Highly recommended.


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